Pancakes You'll Want To Eat Every Day

The weekend is here, and weekends scream pancakes! What is more perfect than waking up to an unbelievably appetizing homemade pancake dish to sweeten the beginning of your day. How your day will start, depends on your breakfast. Having a struggle what to eat every morning? The answer is easy - pancakes. Breakfast well and your mornings will shine! Enjoy!

"All happiness depends on a leisure breakfast"

John Gunther

1. Black Cherry and chocolate with cream filling

2. Raspberry

3. Redberries sauce

4. Paleo chocolate chip and banana

5. Nutella

6. Blueberry buckwheat

7. Cranberries with orange cream cheese frosting

8. Ice cream topped pancakes with chocolate fudge and sprinkles

9. Delightful combination of fruit and cream

10. Red velvet pancakes

11. Pumpkin combined with cream cheese icing

12.  Chocolate chip

13. Strawberry

14. Pancakes with syrup

15. And the famous rainbow pancakes!