Awesome Lunch Ideas Under 500 Calories

Let’s face it, you need energy to get through the day. This makes lunch is just as important as breakfast. However, it seems that the average person takes less than 20 minutes each day for lunch on a work day. Why is that? Well, we people somehow think that if we don’t spend time eating, we’ll get things done faster and won’t need to work late. Oh, how wrong we are.

In reality, eating a nice lunch gives the brain the necessary energy and oxygen to keep us active and focused during the day. However, some people don’t just want to eat whatever’s most convenient, because of a diet plan or their dietary preferences. Well, for those people counting calories, we have a few lunch ideas under 500 calories that will keep your brain and body active through the day.


Potato Salad Recipe


Potatoes have always been one of the most important food sources. Potatoes are good for digestion improvement, reducing cholesterol levels, heart health, even reducing insomnia and blood pressure. and many other benefits to our health and body.




Mmmm…lasagna. Who would have thought that this delicious comfort food can be found on a list like this. Well, the lasagna is a great source of dietary protein, vitamin B and iron for a healthy circulation. To make a healthy lasagna, use wheat noodles and stuff it with veggies.


Tandoori Chicken


This fiery red chicken delicacy is made with a mix of yogurt, spices and chili powder. If you like spicy food, this one is for you.


Seafood Laksa


Laksa is a spicy soup popular in south-east Asia. It is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.


Fresh and Salted Pork Soup with Bamboo Shoot


This is quick and hot meal that has a lot of benefits to our body. Soups are not great just when you’re sick. They are in fact a very quick nutritious meal that contains lots of essential vitamins.