Creative Food Art For Kids You Can Make Yourself

Kids love junk food. It’s easy to feed them chips and candy. The everyday struggle of parents is making their kids eat healthy fruits and veggies. So they dip the fruits in chocolate and the veggies in cheese in hopes their kids would eat them.

The more resourceful parents make food look like cartoon characters or tiny edible toys. But, most parents just aren’t that creative and skilful. If you’re one of them, don’t despair. There are lots of easy ways to make your kid’s food just as amazing.


1. The frog prince


Peas, cucumber slices and a tomato for a big warm smile.


2. Lion king


There’s no way kids will refuse these carrots!


3. Cute crab


Bread, hot dogs, radish and egg slices make this cute crab your kid will love.


4. Fish snack


Oh the cuteness! And it’s made in 2 minutes.


5. Kitty snack


This orange, banana and blueberry snack is one of the easiest to make, even if you’re in a hurry.


6. Cute fox


Ok, not sure this is really a fox, but it’s so cute! Kids don’t usually turn down a pancake breakfast, but making them in a cute shape definitely helps.


7. Seafood lunch


There’s no way a kid would not like these. No way.


8. Cute mushrooms


Ok, these are a bit tricky to make, but if you’re good at carving, you’ll make them in a few minutes.


9. Penguins lunch


This plate has everything – meatballs, carrots, rice… and it’s not as hard to make as it looks.


10. Owl sandwich lunch


The perfect lunch for school.


11. Cow sandwich


Using white and brown bread is simply genius. This sandwich may not have any veggies, but feel free to throw in a broccoli tree or two.


12. Octopus orange


A whole orange on a straw. Making a snack can’t get any easier.


13. Apple baby seal


Decorated apple slices in a cute design no kid would resist.


14. Snoopy pancakes


This very special treat will take some time to make, but oh boy does it make you want to be five again?


15. Cute caterpillar


This cute caterpillar makes a perfect afterschool snack.