20 Best Party Appetizers

Home parties have become very popular nowadays and it’s always a pleasure hosting a party. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, a shower or cocktail party that you’re hosting, finger food and appetizers is definitely crowd pleasing. We distinguished several of the finest treats, easy and elegant and must always be on your cooking list. Enjoy!

1. Candies 

2. Grilled cheese

3. Crostini

4. Healthy blackberry toppings

5. Cocktail snack

6. Shower fruit delights

7. Stuffed figs

8. Vegan scones

9. Pumpkin sticky delights

10. Birthday bread

11. Chocolate fondue

12. Fruit kebabs

13. Stuffed muffins

14. Mini chocolate cupcakes

15. Pizza cups 

16. Easy egg aperitifs

17. Corn and pepper canapes

18. Sweet mini burgers

19. Strawberry skewers

20. Elegant stuffed cucumbers