How To Make Beautiful Edible Roses

Many people believe that decorating cakes like a pro is something that only trained bakers and cake artists can do. Well, that’s not really true. You can make beautiful cake decorations yourself for literally any occasion. Some people even make their own wedding cakes! All you need is love for cakes, gum paste or fondant, a couple of simple tools (you may even have them already at home) and a little time.



Take a little piece of paste and roll it into a ball. Shape this little ball so that it looks like an egg. Press gently and evenly. Now you have your rose bud. Insert a toothpick or a floral wire into the fat end of your bud.



Make as many as you need for your cake or cupcakes. The rose buds will need to dry for a day or more. Stick the toothpicks into styrofoam so they can dry evenly without losing their shape.

With the cookie cutter, cut 3 flowers from the gum paste or fondant. With your ball tool slightly apply pressure on the edges of the petals, keeping just a half of the ball tool on them.



Brush a little bit of sugar glue or water on two opposite petals. Take a toothpick with a rose bud on it and stick it through the center of the flower. Bring it all the way to the top to meet the bud. Wrap one of the sugar glued petals around the bud.



Wrap the remaining petals around the bud. Tuck one side of the petals under the next, like this:



For the next two layers of petals, you basically repeat the same process. Ruffle the edges of the petals, but also, this time use a toothpick to curl them a bit. Flip the flower over and brush the petals with a little bit of sugar glue or water. Then, add it to the toothpick your rose is on. Wrap the petals same as before – tuck one side of the petal under the next. If your paste is soft, it may help to turn the rose upside down. Repeat with the third layer.



And voila, you have your rose! Make as many as you need and arrange them any way you like. For a tiered cake, you can make a cascade arrangement with small silver sugar balls for an added effect. Or simply circle each tier with roses.