Top 15 Recipes To Make With Bacon

Bacon is a delicious meat that can be added to any meal, usually as topping, even in desserts. Normally is smoked before it’s placed on the markets and it is always better to be cooked and rinsed before eating because the fat is melting and any bacteria present will be destroyed. Here are some recommendations for bacon lovers that will bring ideas for preparing your next great meal.

1. Avocado rolls

2. Almond and date wraps

3. Asparagus, sesame and bacon rolls

4. Puff pastry and bacon sticks

5. Roasted fish wrapped with bacon

6. Pancakes topped with maple syrup

7. Sandwich wich bacon and eggs

8. Apple pie 

9. Maple cupcakes

10. Brownies

11. Oatmeal and raisin cookies

12. Cheesecake with caramel

13. Chocolate covered bacon

14. Bacon roses with chocolate 

15. Sweet potato skins