Genius Kitchen Tricks You Wouldn't Think Of

We have some helpful kitchen tricks that will save you lots of time in the kitchen and they might just change the way you've been cooking until now. Chances are you have never thought that things can be done another way. You’ll see how to peel ginger with ease, how to test the freshness of the eggs, why to keep the ice cream into a plastic bag, how to make frozen yogurt pops at home and many other things.


Grate butter into the flour before making biscuits to make the butter melt faster


Easy way to scoop up the broken egg shell


Best way to test the freshness of the eggs


Keeping the ice cream in a plastic bag while it’s in the fridge will make it softer


Putting wet towel under the cutting board will keep it in its place


Make frozen yogurt at home


Put frozen grapes in your wine glass to chill it


Squeeze much more juice from a lemon by rolling it under your palm


The easiest way to peel the ginger is to use a spoon


Stop the boiling over with wooden spoon over the pot


Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil


Make ice cubes with lemon to freshen your water in the summer