Unique Kitchen Tools To Make Your Cooking A Lot Easier And Fun

Interesting and unusual gadgets not only compliment your kitchen and make it look good but let you play with your food as well. More particularly, they are useful and practical tools that allow you to put your minimal effort in the kitchen and assist you in the cooking. Take a look at these funny kitchen tools that will make your cooking fun and will save you a lot of time. Enjoy while playing chef!

1. A five-blade herb scissors for efficient and quick slicing.

2. Engraved rolling pins that will make your kids help you with the cooking.

3. A dipper that looks like Loch Ness Monster.


4. A strange loking citrus press, it looks like spider to me.

5. A “cute” cutting board will look perfect in your new kitchen.

6. With this you can keep your favorite chips fresh.

7. Have your cake perfectly sliced with the help of this handy cake cutter.

8. Say goodbye to wine stains. Serve your guests without spilling a sip on your new carpet.

9. This pizza slicer is really handy.

10. With this amazing bowl you can eat soup and spaghetti at the same time.

11. Say goodbye to butter problems.

12. Separate the egg white from egg yolk with the help of this guy.

13. This is a little weird but extremely helpful kitchen tool. 

14. This one will help you to pill the corn easy.

15. Have a cool mug. Hot and full is ON, cold and empty is OFF.