Aphrodisiac Desserts To Spark Your Valentine's Dinner

Chocolates, heart balloons and red roses are the hallmark of Valentine’s Day. If you are in a long lasting relationship and have a mutual understanding about your V-day preferences, you might not consider those gifts. But if you are in a new and exciting relationship, you do all of it. The romantic dinner, the big red bouquet, the chocolates and balloons...because you want to make this day really special. All of those romantic gestures are wonderful, but a personal touch is much more appreciated. And there are only so few things more romantic than a homemade after-dinner dessert.


Mocha Velvet Cream Pots

Made with chocolate, coffee and coffee liqueur, this deliciously decadent dessert is incredibly easy to make, even for those who cooking is not their strong feature. Chocolate increases dopamine levels, responsible for the feeling of pleasure. I guess it makes sense that chocolate is the hallmark food of Valentine’s Day. And coffee increases the heart rate and stimulates blood flow. Put these two together and well…it’s the perfect V-day dessert!


Strawberries with Chocolate Crème

This is basically a fancy version of strawberries and whipped cream. Only you can really say you made it yourself. Strawberries also stimulate blood flow, and the fact that you can feed them to each other is an added bonus!


Ginger Yogurt with Fruit

If your partner is into healthy food, this could be the perfect dessert that you will both enjoy. It is made with bananas which trigger testosterone production and papaya which lowers stress levels. This one is one of the easiest desserts on our list, so anyone can make it.


Mango and Chocolate Crème Brulee

Ok, this one needs a little skill and experience to make. But it is worth the effort. Your Valentine will definitely be impressed. Did you know that the mango is actually good for your sex life? It is rich in vitamin E, which increases sex hormones. That’s why it’s known as the love fruit.


Chocolate Blancmange

Another chocolate dessert made in cups and perfect for two. Served with fresh berries of your choice and cream, the chocolate blancmange makes a perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day. You’ll even have leftovers with this recipe.