Chandelier Ideas For A Lovely Modern Home

When decorating your home, sometimes, the most important accessory may be the chandelier. If your room is decorated simple or you find it boring, concentrate on the lighting. An unordinary and fascinating lampshade may be the key to a perfect cozy atmosphere in your home.

1. Don't throw your wine corks, save them instead, they come handy sometimes.

2. Your bottles as well, then use them wisely.

3. The simpler, the better.

4. The best way of bringing modernism in your room.

5. Part some time from other activities to make your home lovely.

6. If you don't have time or nerves, just go the simple way. A paper lampshade.

7. Make it in your own unusual way.

8. A beatiful palette chandelier will make your home fashionable.

9. Popsicle sticks make a lovely pendant lamp.

10. The best for last. Have your own sky full of clouds.