How To Reuse Your Old Magazines

Magazines come handy in life, especially if you want to make your home extraordinary. Redecorate your boring home with these amazing old magazine crafts. Using recycled magazines is great idea on a tight budget, therefore stop wasting money on bullshit and bring happiness into your home.

1.Wall art

Who said that you have to waste money on expensive pictures to decorate your wall? This is art too!

2. Clock

Replace the boring old clock with these magazine craft ideas.

3. Side table

If you have a hard time choosing the right nightstand with the right dimensions, take a look at your old magazines and give a more stylish look to your bedroom.

4. Picture frame

A great idea to use your old picture frames and bring them back to usage.

5. Wall letters

The boring blank wall meets journalism.

6. Magazine bowl

Perfect place for your fruits on your dining table.

7. Trash can

Recycle paper into the magazine trash can.

8. Notebooks

9. Vases

A beatiful way to decorate your table without wasting money on expensive table vases.

10. Flower pots

Grow plants into these budget friendly magazine flower pots.