DIY Paper Crafts For A Lovely Home

Paper crafts are perfect for home or festive decorations especially if you are on a low budget. They are a great idea to decorate your home beautifully in a way that will make your home stylish in a different way than others. Make your home extraordinary.

Paper lantern

Lanterns for romantics.

Make the paper lantern in the most easy way. Drop a blob of watery ink on a piece of paper and blow with a straw.

Once the ink is dry, make little holes and wrap the paper around a jar. Place candle in the jar and let the paper lantern shine through the dark nights of winter.


You can use them as wall or outdoor decorations.

Paper flowers

Make them in every color.

Or make them in every shape.


Wall Art

Paper snowflakes

Here is the tutorial:

Here is an idea on how to hang them.