Things To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls

There are incredible things to do with toilet paper rolls, you just have to be creative. Turning trash into treasure is incredible way of bringing coziness and comfort into your home. Also, a great way to save money while having fun.

1. Wall Art

If you are on a tight budget, making crafts from towel paper rolls is excellent way to make your home look fashionably decorated.

2. Art work with loo rolls

These crafts take creativity to a whole new level. It takes quality time in order to make them, but as long as you are creative and artistic, they are worth the trouble. 

3. Gift box

This is a nice and easy way of making someone happy besides the gift inside the gift box. Wrap the towel paper rolls with a decorative papers and tie it with ribbon in order to give it a gift box look.

4. Pencil holder

This is a great idea to have everything in its own place. Your desk will look tidy and organised. The best thing about the pencil holders is that you can create cartoons with toilet paper rolls, just like in the pictures below:

5. Owl ornaments

Making owls from toilet paper rolls can be quite fun and they look pretty amazing.

6. Vase

A beatiful place for your flowers. If you are on a low budget, making vase from towel paper roll is perfect idea to make your home look nice and cozy.

7. Flowers

Or you can make the flowers yourself and make your home colorful.

8. Castle

Engage your kids in having some fun and make them happy by helping them with their castle. 

9. Crown

What's a princess or prince without a crown?