The Ultimate Guide To Napkin Folding

What turns an ordinary dinner into a special meal? Is it the food? Is it the mood? Yes and yes. But what makes the mood is the table setting. Don’t you love it when you sit at a perfectly decorated table and you have a cute napkin folded in some fancy way? We’ve made a collection of the most wanted napkin folding techniques ever, plus a few more that we think are super cute. Now you can make those boring dinners extra special whenever you feel like it.

There are some guidelines that you should follow to get that restaurant look:

#1. Use large napkins for all shapes. There’s a lot of folding for some!

#2. Always iron the napkins before folding.

#3. Use starch spray, especially for the accordion-like folds.


Water Lily

Fold each of the corners to the center. Again, fold the corners to the center. Turn the napkin over. Now fold the four corners to the center of the square (with the folds on the underside of the napkin). Use one hand securely hold two adjacent center points. With your other hand, bend up the outer corner, freeing a point on the underside of the napkin. Tug the loose point, folding it over the corner. This forms a lily petal. Repeat with the remaining three corners. With one hand, hold the center of the water lily. Reach between two inner petals to the underside of the water lily. Pull one point at a time to the outer edge of the lily. Decorate with a small flower in the center.



Spread the napkin flat and fold the opposite sides so that they meet at the center. Repeat so that you get a narrow, ribbon-like shape. Fold the ends so they meet at the center. Chinch in the middle with a ribbon in a matching color and glue it at the back.


Xmas Tree

Fold down the upper corners to meet at the center, and fold the lower corners as well. Fold the upper and lower corners to meet the center as well. You should get a square. Carefully turn it over and fold down the upper edge of the napkin to the lower edge, so that you’ll get a rectangle. Fold the top layer of the lower right corner to the lower left corner. Now you’ll get a triangle. Bring the lower left edge of the triangle to the lower right edge. Fold the top layer of the lower left corner to meet the lower right corner. Repeat on the opposite side and you’ll get a triangle. Fold it in half. Place a star napkin ring at top.



To make this, you’ll need two napkins in different colors, best if one is green and the other red or pink. To make the leafs, fold the green napkin diagonally in half to form a triangle. Fold it again along the long edge. Repeat a third time. To make the flower, take the other napkin and fold it diagonally in half to make a triangle. Place the triangle with the tip down. Take the tip and fold it upwards so that it extends just over the top. Fold the bottom up, so that it falls a bit short of the top. Roll the napkin from one end to the other (left to right, or right to left). Take the green napkin and place the flower between the leafs. Place the rose in a glass.


The Elf Hat

Fold the napkin in half bringing the top and bottom together. Fold the bottom corner to the canter at the top. Fold the top left corner to the top right and the top left corner to the bottom right. Hold at the inside bottom right corner, pick up and open the napkin into a cone-like shape. Fold the flap backwards and stand the napkin on a plate. Place a decorative red berry on a pin at the top of the cone.



Place the napkin diagonally and fold both sides so that they meet at the center, like when you’re making a paper plane. Then fold the bottom point to the center of the horizontal line made with the previous folds. To form the head, fold the tiny point of the third fold about 2 inches. Turn the napkin over gently and fold it in half to the outside. That’s the body of the peacock. Place it into a glass, than gently fan out the tail and adjust the head and neck.



Fold the napkin into a regular square. Than take two opposing corners and fold then in the middle, but make sure they overlap just a bit. Fold the left site to the center to form the envelope. Take a decorative pin or a clip to hold the envelope together.


The standing fan

Fold the napkin in half lengthwise, with the open end towards you. Fold it like an accordion, leaving about 2-3 inches in the end unfolded, to support the fan. Fold it in half, with the accordion part on the outside. Take the corners of the unfolded part of the napkin, fold them diagonally and tuck them under the accordion folds. Open the fan and stand it up on a plate.