How To: Make Decorative Cupcakes For Xmas

People love to spend time with their families over dinner for Christmas. For many people desserts are the best part of every holiday feast. What's a meal without a dessert anyway? From turkey to sweet appetizers, celebrate Christmas with an amazing homemade cupcakes that will tickle your taste buds.

Colorful Cupcakes

The following example will give you an amazing idea on how to cook perfect homemade cupcakes, easily. Decorate your Christmas cupcakes with the colours of Christmas.

Although, these flavorful cupcakes, may seem difficult for you to prepare, they are really easy, actually. You just need star-shaped nozzle for the icing and creativity.

Santa's Hat

This is like the easiest way to make a cupcake that will put a smile on your children’s face. Children love helping with the cooking, therefore, this will be an excellent idea to have fun with your kids in making and decorating cupcakes.

Mini Christmas Trees

Another idea to prepare amazing cupcakes is to use strawberry as the base and for the Christmas tree, colour the icing with green food colouring. Using a star-shaped nozzle, pipe the icing onto the cakes.

Another trick for making a cupcake Christmas tree is to use ice-cream cone. You can follow the instructions from the pictures down below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Christmas Cupcakes Tree

If you want to host a big party at your house, wanting everything to be made completely perfect, you can arrange your cupcakes in a cupcake stand or tier so that will look like a Christmas tree, just like in the picture below. Display your festive cupcakes in style!

North Pole Cupcakes

You can celebrate Christmas by making these damn delicious cupcakes with North Pole sign, topped with vanilla frosting. These cute North Pole cupcakes are perfect treat for class parties. 

My idea was to show you how to make easy homemade decorating cupcakes because you don’t have to be professional cook in order to prepare them. Cupcakes are great to serve after the main meal. If you host a party, you can serve them at your Christmas feast or if the party is somewhere else, these are perfect idea to bring so you can surprise everyone at the party and let them have a slight taste of Christmas in a cupcake. Enjoy!