How To Write Awesome Xmas Cards

Xmas is only days away and you still have no idea what to write in those Xmas cards for your friends and family. It’s ok, you’re not the only one. Putting a lot of thought into a simple Xmas card is a nice thing to do, but thinking about the contents of that card puts a lot of pressure on some folks. Especially those that want to write something different for each card according to whom it’s for. That’s why we decided to look for the golden rules of writing awesome holiday greetings, in hopes that they will make this task easier, even for a bit. And what we found is that there are basically three ways to do this.


1. The Xmas cliché

Send a personalised photo of yourself/your family/dog/cat/hamster or whatever, doing something extremely cute or weird like so:

And of course, don’t forget to add your personalised message that will warm the heart of the card’s recipient.

2. Be crafty

Make the cards by hand. Your friends and relatives will surely appreciate the thought and the work you’ve put into it. You don’t have to write a big greeting, something on the lines of “Wishing you love, joy and peace the whole year round. Merry Christmas!” or if you prefer, “Xmas is cancelled. Apparently you told Santa you were good this year…He died laughing.” You know, as long as it’s honest.

3. Make your own e-card

For all of the green people in your life, instead of buying pre-made boring e-cards, take a picture you like (or even better, make your own if you can) and add some witty and/or sweet words to say that you care about them. In case you have much to say, you can make a tiny album of carefully arranged pictures that tell them what’s in your heart. You can even make a short video instead.

So, set the mood with some jolly music and get to it! Just remember, keep it short and sweet! You can say a lot with a few words too. For those of you guys that are thinking about sending a picture card, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Happy holidays!