How to get a guy: The Cooking method

The best way to get a guy is through his stomach. And I mean by real cooking, not the kind of cooking done in microwave for less than 3 minutes. All man love girls that know how to cook. It seems like subconsciously reminds them of their mother and the family backbone it could symbolize.  

From a man’s point of view as I’m writing this post I would say that there are two types of girls. The kind of girl you want for a single night stand and the type of girl that you want to be the mother of your children. If you want to leave the second impression for yourself then the cooking method is the only method to prove that, both to yourself and to him.

It’s all about the atmosphere

Making romantic dinners is about the atmosphere, not about the food. And what makes a better atmosphere than candles, flowers and table decorations? Here are some ideas to work your fantasy:

Choosing the right recipe

The taste of the food is very important but in this case is secondary. What you should focus on is decoration. If you serve the food in a way that looks great you achieved the goal. Here’s a list of recipes you can choose from.

Slow Cooker Recipe ( Pork Loin) 

Slow Cooker Pot Roast 



Chicken pasta 

Caesar salad

Important reminder: Don’t use onion or garlic in your recipes.



Choose the amount of food carefully, you don’t want to overfed the guy and get him sleepy.


Wine is the only option

Nothing opens the soul of guy than a good old wine. Drink as much as you can of it, until you both get drunk. 


Turn on the music

Once you both get drunk, turn on the music and start dancing. Dancing by the dinner table is one of the most romantic gestures every guy would appreciate. However wait for him to ask you to dance.