10 Super Foods That Will Boost Your Intelligence

Books make you smarter, but food is intelligence booster and by reading the following article you can be both. You are what you eat, therefore eat smart, think smart! Get to know your brain’s best friends:

Berries for happy cells

Researchers have shown that Berries help to build healthy connections between brain cells. They reverse the aging of the brain and improve memory. Daily consumption will improve your brain function and your circulation, which enables the oxygenation of the brain. Studies have shown that those who drank blueberry juice before memory test showed a higher score than those who were given placebo.

Avocado – keeps the brain young

Avocado is insanely rich in Vitamin E which is good for protecting your brain from aging. Also, the potassium that avocado contains helps fight depression and helps in increasing your concentration. Avocados contribute in to a healthy blood flow and healthy blood flow leads to a healthy brain. Experts suggest adding ¼ of avocado to your daily meal.

Dark chocolate – brain stimulator

Eating chocolate helps your brain sharpen up. Consumption of cocoa drink, rich in flavanols, is a blood flow booster to specific areas of the brain which actually help the brain to increase performance in specific tasks.

Pulses – brain energizer

The brain is dependent on glucose, the capacity of the brain to memorize and intellectual performance depends on glucose. In order to keep blood sugar levels stable and the brain supplied with fuel, eat at least two portions of pulses on a daily basis.

Fish oils for brain function

Packed with omega 3 fats including DHA, fish oil or krill oil support the integrity of brain cells membranes and promote healthy neuronal function. The Omega family helps your brain work, therefore eat at least two portions of oil rich fish a week.

Bananas for brain health

Bananas give an instant boost energy and researchers have also shown that eating banana through your exam sessions will help you het higher grades. Eating banana for breakfast will increase your concentration through the whole day.

Lean red meat – brainpower booster

Low – fat meat is an excellent source of iron and zinc which help in cognitive function of the brain and transport oxygen throughout the body to the brain. Lack of iron will lead to lack of energy and poor concentration. Studies have shown that females with healthy iron levels performed better and faster on mental task than those with low iron levels.

Spinach – Popeye’s weapon

Your mom was right when she told you to eat spinach when you were little. Spinach is high in Vitamin C which helps the brain to perform better. Studies have shown that taking vitamin C helps you perform better in tests for recall, memory and attention.

Eggs – intellect boosters

Eggs contain phospholipids and lecithin that build the membrane of brain cell. They are also rich in amino acids which are viral in the production of neurotransmitters. Serine and methionine help the memorization of the brain where tyrosine and phenylalanine help in the process of stimulating learning.

Water – preventer of brain’s dehydration   

Surprised? Studies have shown that when the brain is dehydrated, is starting to perform very low and since our brain is made out of 75% water is better to drink 12 to 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up and your daily intake of water should be at least 2 liters.