Top 5 Places To Be For Christmas And New Year


With its Christmas trees, lights and holiday displays at every corner, every year NYC becomes a winter wonderland. There’s a ton of places to see and tons of stores to spend your money at. There’s so much to see, but really you haven’t really experienced NYC if you haven’t gone ice skating in Bryant Park, shopping along 5th Avenue and snap a photo of yourself with the 80-foot-tall Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Plaza.



Ah, the romantic city of light! This time of the year is when Paris truly becomes just that. Take long walks and see the Christmas illuminations along Champs-Elysées, avenue Montaigne, Place Vendôme, the Montmartre district and experience the Paris nightlife at the Moulin Rouge cabaret.



Winter transforms this city into a real fairyland. Snow, lights, ice skating and beautifully decorated Christmas trees…But, Christmas in Moscow happens on January 7-th, so if you were hoping to see it in December, you might just miss all the magic. Still, there’s the Red square, which is amazing to see during the holiday season.



Japanese Christmas is not so much a religious thing, as a commercial thing. Yet, Japanese people know how to celebrate it in full capacity. The spectacular Christmas lights all around the city, Tokyo Winter Skyline from Sky Tree tower, Kabuki December plays, Christmas in Disneyland and lots of discounted goods are the perfect way to spend your holiday.


Rio de Janeiro

Christmas in Rio is a totally different story. Hot weather, beach parties, tanned bodies and icy cocktails. The only reminder of the Christmas you’re used to is the world’s tallest Christmas tree. This 278-foot Christmas wonder, which weighs 542 tons, is being illuminated with 3.1 million lights in Rio every year. If you are looking for one of the most spectacular fireworks parties in the world, Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon is the place to be.