10 Amazing Christmas Centerpieces You Should Make

Are you a fan of DIY projects? Today we have some amazing, easy to make, must-try Christmas centrepieces that will surely bring cheer to your Christmas table. All you need is just a little of your time and a touch of your creative hand. And the best part is they can all be made from things you probably already have in your house.

If you were wondering what to do with your extra ornaments this year, why not try and make them into table centrepieces? Pair them with greenery, red winter berries and maybe spray them with a little bit of fake snow. You can even spray paint the greenery or the berries (or both) for a more personal touch.


Ornament bouquet

To make this cute centrepiece you’ll need a vase (or a decorative cup), few ball ornaments, greens, red berry branches, florist's foam and wire. Remove the hanging caps from the ornaments and cut the foam to fit the bottom of the vase. Stick one end of the wire into the ornaments and the other end down into the foam. Fill in the arrangement with the greens and berries, just like you would arrange flowers in a bouquet.


Ornament platter centerpiece

If you’re not cut out to be a florist, maybe this is a better way to use those extra ornaments. Take a nice decorative plate of any shape or size. Spray paint green foliage and berries in a golden (or silver) hue, and let them dry. Arrange them on the plate and place your ornaments between them. Easy peasy!


Tissue praper centerpiece

There’s nothing that can bring that winter feeling into your home like decorating in white, right? If you are the more creative type, this just might be the project for you. Make winter blossoms out of tissue paper and pair them with crisp white candles in wine glasses. To make a blossom, stack 8 layers of tissue paper and cut circles (about 3 inches) from them. Then take pin and poke a hole through the stack. Pull the paper off the tip with a twist to make the flowers bloom.


White candle centerpiece

Here’s another idea using candles. Take a look around your kitchen for a few wide glasses or glass vases. Measure their height and cut a piece of white cloth / paper accordingly. Make cute flower or star shaped holes in the cloth / paper by folding it a few times. Glue to the glasses and place tea candles inside.


Glass centerpiece

If you don’t like all the spraying, gluing and cutting, you can still make an impressive centrepiece with just glass vases and candles. Simply place smaller glass vases into bigger ones, and place small evergreen branches and Epson salt in between. Put the candles inside the small vases and arrange them on your table with a few ornaments.


Gift box centerpiece

Here’s another lazy, yet creative idea. Wrap gift boxes in different sizes with a ribbon and place them on candleholders or a cake plate.


Tiered centerpiece

Did you know that you can make your own tiered Christmas centrepiece? Look around your kitchen for wine glasses and glass plates to match them. Or, if you can’t seem to find ones that match, spray paint the ones you have in a festive color of your choice. The idea is to stack them together. You’ll also need a bit of glue and cardboard to make the whole thing stable and safe from falling apart when you move it.

Use it to bring a bit of nature in your home by arranging evergreens, pinecones and berries, or display extra ornaments.


Snowy jars

Make candlelight sparkle on your table through this beautiful snowy mason jar. Glue Epson salt all over the jar and tie a twine on the top, decorated with berries, a bit of greenery, or even small ornaments. Placing a few of these candle holders on your table will create a romantic winter atmosphere.


Cranberries centerpiece

Another great and easy way to bring nature into your home is this. Take a few clear glass vases, bowls or glasses and fill them with Epson salt about half way. Then add another layer of cranberries. To finish, add fresh (or faux) greenery to fill the vases. Place them on your Christmas table and enjoy!