Invitation for Two: Holiday Pies Plus One

The holidays are a season for the ultimate celebration of all your favorite things. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, we indulge more in our favorite meals, drink more wine and eat more sweets than ever. When we’re speaking of sweets this time of the year, naturally, we mean pies. There are a lot of us out there who have a sweet tooth and are at the same time wine lovers. However, combining these two passions can be a tricky thing.

How to know which wine to pick with your favorite dessert? There are three general rules that apply: 

Acidity- Fruit dishes have natural acidity; hence an acid wine would be their “perfect partner”. 

Intensity- The more intense the flavor of the dessert is, the more intense the wine. 

Sweetness- The wine should be sweeter than the dessert itself.

Let’s go one pie at a time.

Apple Pie and Riesling

Riesling is considered to be one of the fastest growing wine varietals on the market. The reason for this is its food-friendly character and zippy acidity that brings out the delicious baked flavors in the apple pie. Riesling can sometimes have notes of petroleum which complements the flavor of the flaky crust.

Pumpkin pie and Vin Santo

Pumpkin pie recipes usually vary, but this dessert leans towards the savory side of desserts. Therefore, you need wine that isn’t overly sweet. The barely-there sweetness of Tuscany’s famous Vin Santo, or “Wine of the Saints” makes it a perfect match. After a bite of the pie, you won’t taste the sweetness so much, but it will still taste rich, spicy, woodsy and delightful. It can even leave you with a scent of pumpkin pie lingering in your glass. You won’t get wrong whichever Vin Santo you chose, but our recommendation is Bordo Scopeto.

Pecan Pie and Muscat

The brown sugar and pecan flavor of this delicious pie pairs well with dessert wines with hints of nuts, spice and dried fruits. Therefore, if pecan pie is the ‘’queen’’ on your dining table during the holidays, complement it with one of the wines of the Muscat family.

Chocolate pie and Merlot

There is no better pairing than chocolate and wine. Both of them have a complexity of flavors and textures and knowing how to combine them well will make your mouth water. You can never go wrong with the easy drinking red Merlot, which together with a chocolate pie is a match made in heaven.

Lemon Merinque Pie and Rose

The lemon flavors are tricky when it comes to choosing the right wine to go with it. If you pick the wrong wine, it can wipe the citrus flavors and the sweetness out and will leave them tasting thin and sharp. The oldest known type of wine Rose, however, is the lemon pie’s perfect partner.

Cherry pie and Syrah

The cherry is one of the flavors that is most often found in wine. Good pairing of cherry desserts with wine depends on how intense the cherry flavor is. Therefore, in order to get the most out of the fruity flavors, choose the Australian Syrah wine.

In life, there is one soulmate for everyone. The same goes for desserts. Pick you best flavor match and enjoy the holidays.