A Toast to Christmas

Consuming an alcoholic drink is connected with ideas of celebration and honor in many cultures. Thus, holidays are period of celebration, always accompanied by alcoholic beverages. In order to express honor or goodwill, we propose a toast. Toasting "is probably a secular vestige of ancient sacrificial libations in which a sacred liquid was offered to the gods: blood or wine in exchange for a wish, a prayer summarized in the words 'long life!' or 'to your health!'"1. This ritual is never excluded when it comes to the greatest holiday, Christmas, when honor and goodwill are stronger than ever.

There are many traditional drinks to propose a toast for Christmas. The most popular ones are champagne and eggnog. Eggnog is actually among the most traditional drinks in the spirit of Christmas.

Other Christmas drinks to bring some festive cheer are wine, cocktails, or punches, such as Brandy Punch. Speaking of wine, mulled wine is a perfect choice to celebrate such a great holiday.

Cocktails and punches can be made with various alcoholic drinks, so you have a wide range to choose from! Champagne can also be included in these mixed drinks as a main ingredient. Therefore, we advise you to try a sparkling champagne punch or something a bit different, like a French 75, a cocktail that is inspired by Mad Man.

If you are vodka or liqueur lovers, propose a toast to Christmas with a Santa Claus Cocktail, as a great combination of these two.

For all the rum lovers, a Snow White Cocktail would be a perfect match.

Apart from all these drinks, beer can be a light alcoholic beverage to celebrate Christmas with.

Whichever drink you have chosen, just raise your glass and propose a toast to these very special days! Cheers!

Our Christmas Toast to You:

May all things that impart delight

Be richly spread upon your


And may you have an


Demanding all you can