Christmas Menu

Speaking of Christmas in America, there are traditional dishes eaten for dinner on this very special day. Recently, we conducted a small research in order to find out what the most popular food on the Christmas menu is.

Although regional meals offer diversity, according to this research we conducted, stuffing takes the first place, with roast turkey on the top of the American “food Christmas tree”. Even though turkey is the most traditional meat for this holiday, Americans also opt for roast beef, ham, or pork.

Surely, no dish is a special dish without sauce. In combination with the turkey as one of the main ingredients, turkey gravy is the most popular among sauces, while cranberry sauce takes the second place.

Below stuffing and sauces come vegetables, with roast potatoes on the first place. Apart from roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, squash, roasted root vegetables, carrots, turnip, or parsnips are also popular among vegetables for Christmas dinner.

Desserts are an essential part of the Christmas meal. Christmas pudding is Americans’ favorite dessert, though pies are not excluded either. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, and sweet potato pie are all among Christmas favorite desserts.

Finally, as the crucial drink for celebrating such great holiday, comes the champagne. Besides champagne, eggnog is considered to be a Christmas popular drink too.