How to Not Miss Christmas: The Christmas Guide

Christmas may be the most important day of the year. Few people really know how to enjoy this holyday at its best. If you are not one of those few this guide may be a great opportunity for you to learn some useful Christmas stuff.  


1. Decorate the front of your house 



2. Decorate your Christmas tree


3. Decorate your dinner table 


Food & Drinks

Your special dish for this special occasion should be made of meat. The recipes below are some of the top Christmas recipes you won’t regret tasting.

Beef tenderloin

Leg of lamb

Pork loin

Roast turkey

Slow cooker ham


Invite close family and friends

Surrounding yourself with family is what Christmas is all about. Never forget to invite your closest friends. If some of your friends has nowhere to go for Christmas, make sure to invite him. Nobody should pass Christmas alone.

Do something nice

The Christmas spirit should motivate us to help others in need. A small sacrifice of yours could mean a lot for somebody. Give food to a homeless person, help your old lady next door with her shopping car, just do something nice!   

Choose the right music

A Christmas without music could be a very boring Christmas. However, don’t overpass the volume limit at the level where you can’t talk normally. Choose slow and bright songs.