Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving dinner is over, but there still might be some leftovers for a few days. So, put on your stretchy pants and transform your dinner in new, delicious way. It tastes just as good as the day before. Here are some ideas on how to get leftovers creative.


Turkey and Sun-Dried Tomato Pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you’ve made more turkey that you could handle, today is the day to use as a key ingredient in your sweet indulgence. Instead of salami, combine turkey with some sun-dried tomato paste, basil and mozzarella. Yummy!

Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Pot Pies

Repurpose your turkey and cranberries into a wonderful comfort food that you’ll just love. If you have some pastry left from yesterday, you will have an amazing treat in no time.

Asian Turkey Noodles

Give your Thanksgiving food some Asian flair by combining turkey, noodles and shiitake mushrooms. It is a blend of Viet and American culture that tastes divine. 

Turkey Salad with Cranberry Sauce

If you still have a Thanksgiving “hangover”, a simple turkey salad topped with some cranberry sauce is the perfect choice for you.  This way, you get to enjoy the holiday flavors and avoid the negative effects of overeating at the same time.  

Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Sandwich

What is Thanksgiving without a leftover sandwich? This sweet combination of turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese and lettuce with definitely leave you craving for more. 

Perky Turkey Soup

Nothing beats the winter chill as a plate of soup. Use the leftover meat together with some rice and chickpeas to make a soup that will warm you to the bone in no more than 35 minutes.