Top 5 Things To Do With Old Pots And Pans

Have you ever wondered what else are pots and pans good for besides cooking? You really don’t have to throw them away. With a little bit of creativity, you can give them a new purpose. We have put together a list of the top 5 things that you can use them for.

1. Use pots as snowman hats

When making a snowman in your back yard, it is a crime not to give him a hat. If you have an old red or blue pot, this is where it needs to go. It would look so cute with a green scarf and a nice carrot nose.

2. Use them as mouse traps

You know, like in the cartoons. You think that could actually work? What if you place the pot upside down on a big tray (the pot should be wider than the tray) and rest it against a short plank with a string tied to it. And put a little bit of cheese or whatever your little pest likes to eat on the tray under the pot. When the mouse comes for its dinner, pull the string and trap it in the pot. If you don’t mind the waiting, that is. Think of it like fishing inside your home.

3. Kitchen decorations

Spray paint your old pots and pans in colors that you like and hang them on your kitchen wall. Tip: you can use as many colors you want, but make sure to pay attention to your kitchen décor. Otherwise you probably won’t get the wow effect you aim for. Be creative, arrange them in a nice pattern, perhaps something like this:

4. Use them as planters

You must have seen this trick with bottles, cans, shoes, even guitars and pianos. You might want to try this with your old pots and pans too. You can spray paint them to or use them as they are, you choose. Try planting bigger plants in the pots and succulents in the pans. Place them in your yard or inside your home. They will brighten your mood every time you look at them.

5. Give them to your kid to use as a drum set

This is a great idea if you don’t mind all the noise. If you can, you could even build a whole drum set out of pots and pans with your kid. Don’t forget to give them a set of old wooden spoons too. Be warned, this could become a regular thing if your kid loves being a rock star.


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