The Ultimate Cook Beforehand Thanksgiving Guide

With the coming of November, one of America’s biggest holiday is on our doorstep. Each year, on the fourth Thursday of this month, Americans gather to celebrate feasting, football and family. A celebration that slightly differs from the one in 1621, nowadays the focus is more on sharing a bountiful meal with friends and family. The process of cooking is something the whole family can enjoy. However, what happens if you don’t have the time to prepare everything at the last moment? No worries, we give you a guide on how to make it all in advance, store it in the freezer for save-keeping and serve on the big day.

Classic Roast Turkey

Timing is everything when it comes to making a turkey. To avoid the time-consuming part of the cooking, feel free to prepare beforehand. Follow the recipe and after the turkey is done, freeze it. All you need to do on Thanksgiving day is thaw, slice and re-heat it adding a little bit of butter. Don’t forget to save the wishbone for later!

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Creamed Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another thing you can freeze by leaving only the finishing touches for the last day. After reheating in the microwave, transfer them to a serving dish and sprinkle additional chopped pecans and scallions.

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Dried-Cherry and Italian Sausage Stuffing

Save a lot of stuffing time by following these steps. Prepare the celery, onions, bread, cherries, sausage and seasoning. Leave it on room temperature to cool, pack it in a plastic bag and freeze for up to 2 weeks. On the T-day, reheat the meal in a buttered pan for 1 hour.

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Apple Pie

Prepare the dough following the recipe steps and freeze it up to 2 months. Do the same with the filling, leaving in in the freezer for no more than 2 weeks. On Thanksgiving day, continue from step 10 and bake your delicious apple pie.

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And….wallah! Leaving the stress behind, you now can cook your dinner with ease and pleasure and spend more time with the loved ones. Ultimately, that’s what Thanksgiving is all about.