Halloween Desserts and Treats

Leave the tricks for another time, here we dedicate only to sweet treats. From bats to worms in the ground, these Halloween ideas take no more than a few minutes to make.

Chocolate Covered Banana Ghost

All you need is a banana, melted white chocolate and M&Ms.

1. Cut the banana in 4 slices.



2. Dip the banana pieces in the melted chocolate. Place them in a pan or a tray. The chocolate will start to drip down the sides. If there is not enough chocolate on the sides, add some more with a spoon on top of the bananas.


4. Keep them in a fridge for 5 minutes. Then, place 2 M&Ms as eyes on the banana. If you try to add the eyes before putting them in a fridge for a little bit, there is a chance that they will slid off because the chocolate is still hot and slippery.

5. Put them back in a fridge until the chocolate is hardened.

Mini Chocolate Bat Bites

Although it is Halloween, this is something less creepy and more cute. Only 4 ingredients are required in order to make this adorable, bite-size chocolate bats. Preparation time: just a few minutes!


1. Break the Oreo cookies in half and divide all pieces from one another to form 4 bat wings out of 1 cookie. Scrape off the frosting.

2. Take a plastic bag and fill it with cream cheese frosting. Cut off the edge of the bag and pipe frosting on the tip of the broken cookie pieces.

3. Place one piece on the left of the Reese cup and one on the right, as wings.

4. Pipe frosting on the back of the edible eyes in order to secure them in the center of the Reese cup.

RIP Pudding

Make a delightful treat for your guests with these little glasses of pudding. All you need to do is add a cookie and write RIP using a plastic bag with the tip cut off and filled with melted chocolate.  

Dirt Pudding

Fluffy chocolate pudding covered with crushed Oreos and gummy worms. A fun treat for both kids and adults.  


Have a Spooky Halloween!