Halloween Food Decorations

It is the end of October, so that means that Halloween is just around the corner! Evolving from the traditional Celtic holiday of Samhain, 21st century Halloween has become less about actual ghosts and ghouls and all about costumes and candy. It is all about parades, trick or treat and sweets for both children and adults. 
Wonder what to make as a treat this year? We give you 2 Halloween food decoration ideas that can make with our kids. 

Chocolate and Vanilla Mummy Cupcakes

Super easy to make, these Mummy Cupcakes are perfect for Halloween. All you need is a regular chocolate muffins white frosting and Wilton monster eyes. 

Put a small amount of frosting on the back of the eyes and stick them on the cupcake. 

Take a flat frosting tip make lines across the cupcakes layering them in different angles. 

Don't forget to leave to eyes poking out…ant that's all it takes!

Mini Doughnut Spiders 

All you need is a large pretzel twists, mini doughnuts, M&Ms and a little frosting or chocolate.

Cut the pretzels in two curved sides. Take 8 pretzel halves and push them into the doughnut to form legs. Melt a little chocolate or take some frosting and put it on the M&Ms in order to stick them on the doughnut as eyes of the spider. Kids will love them!