10 Reasons why you will not live over the age of 50

1.       You’re not smiling enough

Medical research shows that smiling decreases the chances for getting cancer and other stress related diseases. Don’t forget to smile more.

2.       You’re not eating raw food

Eating healthy raw food is very important for your health. Most of the vitamins that are crucial for your body die during the food processing and boiling.


3.       You’re not exercising

When your heart beat increases your body generates endorphin which stimulates happiness. Not exercising is one of the major reasons for not being healthy.   


4.       You’re not seeing your doctor very often.

Curing viruses and diseases on time is the only way to prevent surgeries and fatal endings. Not seeing your doctor may turn a small problem into a serious life or death concern.


5.       You’re drinking very often

Alcohol is the cause for 25% of all fatal diseases and organ malfunctioning. Drinking occasionally is OK but drinking on a daily base can raise your blood sugar and destroy your liver.


6.       You’re on drugs or other abusive substances

Don’t take drugs.


7.       You hate your partner

Not being happy with your partner can cause a lot of illness both spiritual and physical. Not being loved by someday makes us feel bad and this negative feelings could be devastating for your health.


8.       You stress too much


Stress is the main cause for all kinds of mortal diseases. Blood sugar us one of them but according to some recent case studies stress could also cause cancer.


9.       You hate yourself

Hating yourself leads to depression and thus leads to not carrying about your health at all. Try to look deep inside you and discover things about yourself you didn’t knew.


10.   You smoke

Smoking cigarettes increases the chances of getting lung cancer by 80%.