Food for Better Sleep

What if you can stop the tossing and turning in your bed by only changing your diet? A team of experts give their advice on what to eat in order to prevent insomnia, nightmares, snoring, and more.

Fall asleep

Many professionals in the field say that melatonin is the causer of inducing sleep. Cherries are the perfect source of it and that is why you should eat them before you go to bed. Another great snack are pumpkin seeds. They are rich in magnesium which helps the body muscles to relax and that leads to a good night sleep.

Regardless of whether you are having a movie night or not, try eating popcorn at night. A lot of specialists share the same opinion that popcorn is high in serotonin, the chemical that regulates our sleep cycle. Air-popped is best for you, since the salt and butter of the ones in a pack can make you wake up at night.

Stay Asleep

Sometimes not to wake up during the night is a bigger struggle than falling asleep. Staying hydrated is very important, but that can keep you running in the bathroom all night. What can mostly keep you without a good night sleep is hunger. When you are hungry, your blood sugar level drops and that is why you wake up. The ideal time between your last meal and when you go to bed is 2 hours. An apple in combination with some almond butter will provide you with enough glucose to keep you asleep all night. Another important reason for not having a good quality sleep is stress. Apricots are a great solution for this, since they contain a lot of vitamin C which reduces stress. Additionally, try including asparagus in your dinner. The foliate content is a weapon against anxiety as well.

Avoid Nightmares

The mineral that has been associated with nightmares is magnesium. Hence, eating food high in magnesium can make your dream less vivid, as a lot of professionals put it. Avocado and some leafy greens such as kale and spinach will keep you from having bad dreams. If you can, try avoiding cheese because according to some studies it contains opioid peptides that sends endorphines into overdrive. On the other hand, if you want to have more vivid dreams, do not exclude it from your meals. Another vitamin that will give you something to write about in your dream diary is B6. For this one, eat more tuna and banana.

Stop Snoring

One of the main reason for snoring is obesity, but if you don't fit in into that category and still have this problem try adding in some lemon, orange or grapefruit. Vitamin C is highly related with reduction in snoring. Specialists recommend a citrus salad or half a grapefruit with some coconut sugar on top before you go to sleep.

Next time you're having trouble sleeping, try implementing this ingredients in your meals. On the other hand, stay away from alcohol, caffeine and sugar-heavy foods like desserts.