5 Amazing Brain Foods

Just as you can use food to get a glowing skin or improve your immunity there are certain ingredients that help sharpen your memory and improve mental function. There used to be a believe that as you grow older your brain cells die. This is most definitely not true. Brain cells can regenerate and this is largely based on the food we eat and our exercise. By consuming these 5 brain foods you can take care of your brain healt and help straighten you brain muscles.


Mint is a great source of vitamin A which increases brain plasticity and boosts learning skills and also vitamin C considered as a weapon against cognitive decline. According to some studies, mint aroma increases the memory and the level of alertness. Moreover, it helps in developing skills such as memorization and typing.


It is one of the best brain foods out there. Being a great source of vitamin K, it keeps your mind to stay sharp as you grow old and also improves the memory. Including it in your meals will also help in liver detoxification which leads to a happy brain.


Full with B vitamin folate that sharpens your brain, lentils is also a must ingredient. It also contains thiamin and vitamin B6 which are good for energy boost; iron which is very important for cognitive function for women during childbearing period and also the memory booster ingradient-zinc.


If you ever feel blue or depressed, you can fight it by eating brain foods such as sardines because of the fact that they contain vitamin B12 which also works as a memory booster. Furthermore, they are full with omega-3 fatty acids and niacin which keep your brain sharp and boost mental energy.

Dark chocolate

Feel free to delve into dark chocolate any chance you get. Apart from having addictive flavor you simply can't get enough of, among the many brain foods this one is loaded with memory-boosting antioxidant power of flavonoids. It also benefits the cardiovascular system which mirrors with a healthy brain. However, chocolate milk does not have the same effect as the cocoa. In this combination, the milk prevents the body's ability to access the power of flavonoids.

No need to think twice. Immediately include these brain foods in your meals and keep your brain happy.