7 Types of Food That Can Improve Your Sex Life

In order to have a great sex life, the type of food you consume can be of key importance. If your meal is a burger, pizza or fries before you go into the bedroom, you'll probably end up taking a nap instead. There are some nutrient-packed foods that can prevent this from happening and give your libido a big boost.

Having a generally healthy diet and consuming this type of nutrients will increase your testosterone level and blood flow. Therefore, next time add the following foods to your dinner with your partner.


This vegetable increases the testosterone and straightens the reproductive organs to both men and women, which leads to boosted libido. It is familiar as tonic for building sexual energy and according to some believes, it is the ingredient that monks should avoid because it builds up semen.


Because of the fact that it contains allicin, consumption of garlic builds heat in the body and increases the level of testosterone, therefore it benefits the sexual stamina. Just like the onion, it gives you with a garlic breath so make sure both you and your partner add it in your plate.

Cayenne Pepper

Another way to spice your sex life is with cayenne pepper. It consists of capsaicin which results in an immediate effect, so make sure you use it as an aphrodisiac in a home-cooked meals instead of ordering it in a restaurant.


Dates are rich in amino acids and they are highly used for this purpose in countries in North Africa like Nigeria. Because of the melting sensation they produce in your mouth, the act of eating it is very sensual itself.


Rich in amino acids just like the dates, figs are also considered to be an aphrodisiac because of their appearance and taste. They have a very aromatic scent and eating them looks very sensual. If you want to take some food to the bedroom, figs would be the perfect choice.

Goji Berries

They are long known to be used in Asian countries for this purpose. You can add them to your salad, cereal or simply don't combine them with anything. Dried goji berries are a good idea too.

Fatty Fish

When it comes to fish you need the kind that is high in omega 3-fatty acids which helps to elevate dopamine. It is the hormone that is released in brain during an orgasm. This type of fish are salmon, tuna and mackerel. It is considered to be the 'natural Viagra' because it contains an amino acid called L-arinine used for treating impotence.