7 Alternative Uses of the Cucumber

Hailed as one of the world's healthiest food, adding cucumbers to your meal is the perfect way to stay refreshed and glowing. They are easily affordable and even easy to grow by yourself. But did you know that they can come in handy with things from your day-to day life? These cucumber uses will amaze you.

1. Clean a fogged bathroom mirror

After you take a shower, you`re faced with a fogged bathroom mirror. Next time, rub a cucumber slice along the mirror to get rid of the fog. Additionally, it leaves your bathroom with a spa-like fragrance.

2. Polish your shoes

If you realize that your shoes need polishing right before you need to leave your home, rubbing a slice of cucumber will do the trick. It's chemicals will leave you with a durable shine and will even make your shoes repel water.

3. Get rid of bad breath

Cucumber can help you prevent bad breath. If you don't have a gum or mint at hand, take a slice and hold it up against the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds. The cucumber's phytochemicals will kill the bacteria and leave your mouth fresh.

4. Remove cellulite

The phytochemicals can also help you to quickly remove cellulite. Rubbing it on your problem areas will tighten the collagen in your skin. It will make your outer skin layer get firm and remove cellulite visibility.

5. Helps with hangover 

When you come home after a night out and you know that tomorrow you'll wake up with a terrible headache, eat a cucumber before you go to bed. The sugar, B vitamins and electrolytes it contains will replenish the lost nutrients and you'll wake up hangover and headache free.

6. Clean your sink

If your having difficulty cleaning a sink or a stainless steel, the cucumber is your secret weapon. Simply rub it against the surface and it will remove tarnish and bring back the shine, leaving your fingernails unharmed.

7. Erase crayon or marker 

Have your kids ever felt artistic and tried to decorate your wall with crayons and markers? No need to repaint the house. Use the cucumber peel to clean it. It also works if you want to erase a mistake while writing with a pan.