"Robochef" Meets FridgeCheck, The Future Is Here

Have you ever thought about what the future of cooking will look like?

We are living in a very busy time where lots of obligations are waiting on us every day. If -you are a person that comes home late in the day; and you don’t have much time to prepare your favorite dish, I guess you will probably order fast food and eat in front of the TV. When coming home tired and hungry, sometimes we wish somebody would cook a healthy meal for us.

Nowadays, the technology is constantly changing, and there are inventions related to cooking that can make our life easier. Thanks to some smart innovations, the help in the kitchen will be present in our homes very soon. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about?

Moley Robotics is a company in London that is developing a prototype called “robochef” designed to help you in the kitchen. This remarkable device was introduced at Hannover Messe, the world’s biggest industrial fair, with its offices located in Germany. “Robochef” is a machine that consists of two extremely proficient robotic arms which are installed on top of the kitchen and is fully equipped with hobs, a sink and an oven. This sophisticated mechanism has its arms created by the Shadow Robot Company, which is another worldwide recognized company in London that produces smart devices.

How it works?

Trained and tested by the chef Tim Anderson, this smart kitchen device works by recording human actions in 3D and then converting them into greatly precise movements.  Anderson, tested the system by completing an entire dish, he made delicious crab bisque. The device is equipped with cameras and you can control it remotely by simply using an app. Controlling it means teaching it how to cook with the help of the installed cameras.

What if you had one of your own?

Having a robot that makes appetizing FridgeCheck recipes and not lift a finger is priceless. Imagine having your favorite FridgeCheck meal waiting for you on the table by the time you get home from work. And the best part is you won’t even have to wash dishes afterwards. How amazing is that!

The only problem is, you have to wait until it’s brought to market which is 2017. By the time, the company is planning to upgrade the system with several additions like refrigerator and dishwasher.  However, it’s enough time to start setting money aside because this device will cost you $15.000.  So, hurry up 2017!

This device will change your life completely and make you feel comfortable with it. Thanks to technology, we are aspiring to live in a modern world where machines are doing everything for us. This is how the world should work in 21st century and people should get used to it. Technology is moving fast and the world can’t get enough of it even though is not cheap but you must admit that is valuable and beneficial for all of us.