Ginger as One of The Superfoods

Ginger is a natural herb used as a spice across the globe. Because of the many benefits that ginger has, it is considered a superfood. Health care professionals highly recommend the intake of ginger because of its numerous benefits. Over the past 2000 years, it is used as a medicine chest and there are numerous advantages of consuming this flowering plant.

Prevents Cold and Flu

Chinese medicine practitioners prescribe this plant as a natural treatment for colds and flu. The root is the same as antihistamine and decongestant, which are two effects that help with symptoms. By inducing sweating and expelling heat, it relieves mild fever and boosts the immune system. To treat the symptoms, consume ginger several times a day. It will detoxify your body in a natural manner and will speed up the healing process.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Ginger is used to reduce the period pain. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, you can drink ginger tea, powder or capsules that will give you an instant tenderness. A study made on females divided in two groups showed that, the women who took ginger capsules during menstruation, reported improvements, compared to the other female group that took placebo capsule.

Treats Morning Sickness

Pregnant women usually suffer from morning sickness and when that happens ginger is there to safe them. Being a multi-faceted remedy, whose function is the same as B6 vitamin, relieves pregnancy sickness. You can try it in tea, soup or toss it in honey but don’t use it more than 4 days. Another larger study showed that pregnant women who took ginger felt less nauseous than those who took placebo pills.

Note: Pregnant women should always consult their doctor before taking ginger.

Settles upset stomach

Ginger is used to calm an upset stomach by relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles and preventing gas and bloating. Health experts proved that ginger is used for treating stomach ailments like dyspepsia or colic as well as bacteria-induced diarrhea. Try consuming ginger after larger meals.

Helps against cancer

Preliminary studies find this herb as a powerful tool for fighting against all types of cancer including breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic, skin, colon and lung cancer. It helps in a way that slows the growth of cancer cells and stops the further extent.

Stops Migraine

Other research has shown that ginger provides migraine relief in a way that stops prostaglandins from causing inflammation in the blood vessels. To cure migraine, drink ginger tea to block the pain and stop the dizziness and nausea. In that way, you can avoid the side effects caused by the prescription drugs.

Remedies Diabetes

This amazing remedy herb is established to cure diabetes as well.  It helps lower your blood sugar level and increase the effectiveness of the insulin, used for treat diabetes. Doctors recommend putting one teaspoon ginger juice in a glass of warm water every morning. The regular intake of ginger can reduce the risk of various types of damage caused by uncontrolled blood sugar. Consider taking ginger under the supervision of a health professional.

Controls Arthritis

Ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help treat the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. A group of researchers showed that ginger is effective in reducing the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. In order to treat the pain, apply warm ginger paste with turmeric to the affected area twice a day.  Also you can add a few drops of ginger oil to your bath, which will help ease the aching muscles.

Strengthens Immunity

Ginger helps improve the immune system. By consuming a small doze of ginger daily, will help foil potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries. It also decreases bacterial infections in the stomach and helps battle a bad cough and throat irritation. By strengthening the immune system will make you more resistant from getting cold.  

Fights Asthma

Ginger is also used to treat asthma. If you’re suffering from respiratory diseases such as cough, ginger, will expand your lungs and loosen up phlegm. Taking regularly the intake of ginger, can quickly recover you from any difficulty in breathing.