Code App, Level Up Supported By FridgeCheck

FridgeCheck is a software development company that currently resides in Macedonia, and has its offices located in its capital city Skopje. We operate in the field of development and specialize in developing "custom” client solutions.

During the past few years we have successfully collaborated with many domestic and foreign companies and supported educational events where the main goal was to inspire young individuals to engage in early career advancement. By doing this, FridgeCheck has proven itself as a socially responsible company, always open for cooperation and willingness to encourage the open and creative capacities of young minds.

One of those events where we took an active part was Code App, Level Up organized by the Electrical Engineering Students European Association, (EESTEC) LC Skopje, Macedonia. It took place at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia.

The event was organized as a workshop for mobile device application development (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and its main task was to encourage young enthusiasts to apply so that they can gain experience, knowledge and exchange ideas in this field of study. Code App offered training in three modules such as: research, development, design of mobile applications and entrepreneurship.

A total number of 45 participants took active role in this event, where 30 of them were local and 15 foreign. The applicants were organized in internationally mixed teams, where they had the opportunity to attend the programming workshop for free and engage themselves in hard work for 5 days. Split into two parts, Code App offered a chance for people to see the theoretical and practical part where they were encouraged to put their ideas into practice.

Each individual workshop was lectured from eminent and faculty associated professors who transmitted the subject perfectly.

The main speakers were:             

- Dejan Dimitrovski, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft, Skopje

Filip Kerazovski, Team Leader, BrandName, Skopje         

- Stevan Mitic, Technical Support Specialist, Seavus, Skopje          

- Vladimir Trajkovik, Associate Professor and the Vice Dean for Science at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Skopje 

- Martin Ancevski, CEO of CodeWell, Skopje        

- Viktor Stojanovski, Java and Android Developer in the Mobile Division of Seavus, Skopje

- Gjorgi Kjosev, software engineer at CreationPal where he develops HTML5 applications for mobile and desktop, as well as cloud server solutions based on node.js

- Pece Miloshev, bachelor degree in Informatics – System Engineering

The mission of Code App, Level Up was to attract bigger auditorium that is eager to learn which was successfully accomplished and ended up showing fantastic results. The educational event helped in expanding the scientific knowledge of all attendants in various fields and subjects with focus mobile solutions. In the course of one week, they acquired advanced accomplishments and had the opportunity to put their programming skills into practice.

As a result of the successful cooperation FridgeCheck was awarded the recognition of special interest in realization of advanced, international workshops in mobile application development from EESTEC LC Skopje.

We are always open for new ways to cooperate based on a common interest in the research area.

You can see how the event went through the following photo gallery: