Trifle Cakes That Will Sweeten Your Day

Trifle recipes are perfect for this time of the year. Fruit and whipped cream, layer upon layer, these cakes make a hell of a dessert suitable for any occasion. You can try our marvelous collection of fruit desserts that suit everyone's taste. Every now and then, you can enjoy the taste of a big fat, heavenly fruit bowl. 

Jello Bottom 

Blackberry Meringue

Raspberry and Grappa

Bananas and Oreo

Black Forrest

Chocolate Pudding

Fruit and Chocolate

Combination of Cream and Blueberry Filling

Mango and Pineapple

Mini Strawberry Trifle

Peanut Butter and Kit Kat 


Cream Brulee

Berry and Heavy Cream

Rhubarb Mascarpone

Strawberry Zinfandel

Cheesecake and Peanut Butter

Mini Cheesecake Trifle with Blueberries

Rum and Raisin

Pudding Trifle Bottomed With Crushed Oreo Cookies

Apple and Cinnamon

Blueberry Eton Mess

Mini Peanut Butter Brownie 

Perfectly Layered Strawberry Trifle

Yogurt Parfait

Cherry Toppings