5 Hangover Remedies That Really Cure

Having a blast the night out and spending whole weekend consuming alcoholic drinks has consequences.  Every single glass of your drink leads to causing only worse hangover for the next morning. Therefore, in order to ease the symptoms, you have to prepare yourself with remedies and other cures that really work to heal hangover.

What happens to your body the next morning after a wild night spent drinking and partying?

First of all, you’ll feel crappy, and crappy includes all the other symptoms from headache and pain in your entire body to a bad night’s sleep. One just cannot fall asleep with all the dizziness, headaches and sickness. The good news is; there are cures that will actually ease the symptoms caused by alcohol.

Easy Food

There are many scientific proofs to eating a healthy breakfast like cereal or toast. Veggies are always a good idea because are easy to digest. Eating light will help you rehydrate your system, through eating vegetables you increase the intake of water.

Drink lots of liquids

Because of dehydration that alcohol causes by removing the fluids from your body, the intake of liquids is a must. Alcohol not only dehydrates your body but your brain as well.

How the liquids help your body?

Dehydrated brain is in desperate need of water when it cannot function properly and that is exactly what happens to your body when without fluids. Two glasses of water just before bedtime and the water will stay in your body and keep it hydrated during the night.

The sports drinks will give you the strength and energy that you lack and juices will make you feel well instead of feeling like crap. It’s important to drink fresh fruit juices to feed your body with vitamins.


With an unbearable morning headache, the pills are quite helpful to make you feel better in an instant. Whenever you take any medication, check if you’re allergic to some. Aspirin is usually helping in the morning, make sure you drink it with lots of water.


Doctors say that after a rough night, all you need is rest, to regain your lost strength and energy. After taking pills for your headache, rest is the best cure. You can put a washcloth on your head, it helps reduce the pain.

Baking Soda

This drink helped to cure many hangovers. The sodium bicarbonate helps neutralizing the stomach acid. Add half a teaspoon of the baking soda into half cup of water. Drink the soda 1 hour after the meal.