Elegant And Decorated Homemade Roll Cakes

Decorated cakes might seem tricky to make but they are actually surpsingly easy. It takes only a few steps to a homemade elegant, scrumptious dessert that will tickle your taste buds and the best thing about these goodies is that you can decorate them any way you want.

You can also make artsy rolls by using roll cake shapers and fondant embossing rolling pin for decorating and using this kitchen gadgets will help you to make a cake for every occasion including birthdays, parties, showers or even holidays. Here are some ideas, that will guide to your next favourite specialty. Enjoy your cooking!

Sprinkled SnoBall cake filled with oreo and white cream

Decorated rolls with chocolate filling

Vanilla and strawberry

Rolls topped with Nutella

Swiss Pink Velvet

Peppermint Patterned Cake

Chocolate Stuffing

Rainbow cake topped with whipped cream

Vanilla and Raspberry

Jelly Green Cake

Chocolate and Blackberry

Red Velvet Cake

Vanilla and Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberry cake

Chocolate and Raspberry

Peppermint Patterned Cake

Rose Roll Cake