Foods That Will Boost Your Mood Instantly

Did you know? Skipping meals can lead to a mood crash because your brain needs a continuous source of fuel and the best way to satisfy hunger is to always eat healthy instead of junk food for the reason that junk food can lead to low mood and feeling sluggish etc. There are actually foods that can help the bad mood go away and will give you an instant mood boost. 

Chamomile Tea - Angry

Drinking chamomile tea will help tame your anger, whenever you feel angry you can find a soothing relief in a hot cup of chamomile tea.

Honey - Sad

Honey is packed with quercetin and kaempferol that reduce inflammation, keeps brain healthy and wards off depression. It is really good if you add honey instead of sugar in your cup of tea, add it to your morning breakfast, sprinkle it on the bread, or add it to your lemon water.

Dark Chocolate - Stressed

The good news for all chocoholics is that chocolate helps us feel good because produces endorphins in our brain which leads to an instant boost in mood and defeating the feeling of stress, which can particularly lead to concentration. That’s why people say cocoa is good for studying.

Peanut - Cranky

If you love the crunchy nutty taste, you are taking the right way to a mood adjustment. How? Peanuts contain a healthy fat that can get your brain going in the right direction and save you out of crankiness especially caused by hunger. They’re full of fiber which makes you feel full and will reduce your hunger.

Spinach - Sluggish

Because of its high containing of magnesium, spinach contains a healthy dose of the energy enhancing nutrient. If you can’t concentrate, you can skip the coffee this time and have a bowl of hot, flavorful spinach.

Salmon – Anxious

The best way to fight anxiety is to eat salmon, one of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Other source of salmon that most strongly boosts mood is found in sardines, herring and mackerel as well.

Swiss Chard - Low Energy

Whenever you feel low and you lack energy, the leafy green packed in magnesium is what is giving you the extreme level of high energy that you‘re actually seeking out. You can eat it as much as you eat spinach.

Tomatoes – Depression

The antioxidants in tomatoes, make you feel good, helps ward off depression and keep your brain healthy. The lycopene will help you whenever you’re feeling deflated, their function is to prevent feeing bad.

Egg Salad Sandwich - PMS

When women are on their period it is quite normal to begin craving carbohydrates and it is always better if you add comfort food to your daily menu. Try avoiding everything with sugar and try eating healthy instead. Eat a healthy food to regain the energy and strength that your body loses on PMS.

Water - Brain Fog

Being hydrated, surely limits your ability to think and focus, that’s because not enough water is going to your brain. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters a day because our brain is made from 75% water and when is dehydrated, is starting to perform very low.

Now you know!

Never stop eating healthy and don’t forget, you are what you eat!