Foods That Can Ease an Upset Belly

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We all know the feeling of an upset stomach and how it blows, especially if you add pain, cramping or diarrhea to it. It will certainly make you feel uncomfortable, keeping you from doing your day-to-day tasks. In order to keep your tummy happy and preventing this from happening, there are certain things you can do. Having a lighter diet is one thing, but there are also several foods you can eat t...
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How to Eat Your Way to Your Thinner Self

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The first time we hear the idea to lose weight by eating, it sounds like a dream come true. However, this is actually possible. By consuming certain foods, we can spike the metabolism, trigger hormones that release fat, and get rid of toxins that make it difficult for your body to shed extra pounds. But the trick is: in order to do so, you need to consume these foods as part of a clean diet and no...
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Top 6 Superfoods That Can Heal You Completely

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We are all familiar with the term superfoods. They are extremely nutritious whole foods and have an amazing power to heal. With regular consumption, they reduce the risk of chronic disease, prolong life and are responsible for your healthier self. The best part is, most of them are not even pricy and you can find them in your local grocery store. The choice is large, but here are the top 6 superfo...
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The Health Benefits of Eating an Avocado a Day

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Rich in flavor and utterly delicious, the avocado is considered to be one of the most powerful superfoods. The ways you can implement avocado in your menu are countless. From being the key ingredient for guacamole dips, to salads, wraps, muffins, brownies and even smoothies. It contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in a serving, among which is potassium, lutein and folate. Moreover, it is a gre...
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Prevent Skin Cancer with Food Instead of Sunscreen

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Skin cancer is the one type of cancer most widely spread in the U.S., taking more number of cases then breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers all combined. The number of treated nonmelanoma skin cancer is over 5.4 million in more than 3.3 million people. The third most common type of skin cancer is melanoma, and also the type that mostly results in death. It is actually found on the places of...
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Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water

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If only there was something that is insanely inexpensive, full with vitamin C, keeps your skin glowing, aids in digestion and helps you lose weight. It may sound impossible, but it actually exists. It is called lemon water. A glassful of this tasty drink first thing in the morning is all it takes to boost vitality, cleanse your system and improve your health. Why lemon juice? The human b...
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Healthy Benefits of Oil Pulling and How To Do It

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Although oil pulling is not a household name yet, people are starting to get familiarized with its multiple benefits. What exactly is oil pulling? Used primarily in Auyrvedic medicine, it is a technique that provides the best oral detoxification and it is done by swishing a tablespoon or two of coconut, olive or sesame oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It is simple and cheap DIY home remedy tha...
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6 Natural Antibiotics You Already Have in Your Kitchen

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Many research in the past years have shown that bacteria in our body can gain the generic ability to resist antibiotics. One of the changes is a change in bacterial protein that prevents the binding of fluoroquinolones to the bacteria and making it resistant. The first time a patient falls ill, only a small number of the resistant bacteria will be found in the patient’s body. However, if the...
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A Checklist for What You Must Not Keep in Your Fridge

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The refrigerator has a special place in the kitchen and it is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you have something to store. However, not all foods belong there for save-keeping. Although they won’t do you any harm after eating them, they will definitely leave you with a bad taste in your mouth as flavors and tastes become ruined. In order to salvage the original taste of your...
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Invitation for Two: Holiday Pies Plus One

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The holidays are a season for the ultimate celebration of all your favorite things. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, we indulge more in our favorite meals, drink more wine and eat more sweets than ever. When we’re speaking of sweets this time of the year, naturally, we mean pies. There are a lot of us out there who have a sweet tooth and are at the same time wine lovers. Howeve...
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3 Weeks until Christmas: How to Get Ready

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If you are used to making things at the last minute throughout the year, this is the time to start preparing in advance. Now is when you should get everything ready to avoid the unnecessary fuss and chaos the days before. 3 weeks before Christmas You can start by planning your menu and make a shopping list. The first thing to cross off your list are the non-perishables. This way you can pay ...
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The Ultimate Cook Beforehand Thanksgiving Guide

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With the coming of November, one of America’s biggest holiday is on our doorstep. Each year, on the fourth Thursday of this month, Americans gather to celebrate feasting, football and family. A celebration that slightly differs from the one in 1621, nowadays the focus is more on sharing a bountiful meal with friends and family. The process of cooking is something the whole family can en...
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Incredible Fruits for This Storing Season

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Image Source Besides eating healthy, our body needs an extra energy to stay in best shape all day long. Consuming fruits in cold days can also keep the body healthy and boost your immune system. This guide would help give you a few cooking ideas on how to use fruits in the kitchen in order to make gorgeous meals. The one simple way is to eat them like a raw food, or the other way is to make a m...
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Coconut Oil-The Healthiest Oil on Earth

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Coconut oil uses are countless. From treating brain disorders, heart diseases, viruses, HIV and cancer to loosing weight and many more. Shunned by the health community for high saturated fat content in the past, it is considered as the latest food cure-all. It is becoming more of a staple cooking oil in most of the households. It can be bought in health stores or even local supermarkets. We give y...
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7 Types of Food That Can Improve Your Sex Life

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In order to have a great sex life, the type of food you consume can be of key importance. If your meal is a burger, pizza or fries before you go into the bedroom, you'll probably end up taking a nap instead. There are some nutrient-packed foods that can prevent this from happening and give your libido a big boost. Having a generally healthy diet and consuming this type of nutrients will inc...
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The Ultimate Guide to Baked Eggplant

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Although available throughout the year, August until October is the period when the eggplant is in season. It belongs to the nightshade family of vegetables together with tomatoes, potatoes and peppers. Apart from being delicious and enjoyable to eat, it also has a lot of health benefits. Being a host for a lot of vitamins and minerals, it also contains phytonutrients which have antioxidant activi...
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Quick Dinner Ideas You Can Make in Less Than 30 Minutes

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Have you ever had guests over who you didn't know they were coming until the last minute? In that case, you don't have much time to prepare and you have to make the best out of the situation. To avoid spending hours in the kitchen while your guests are left alone and hungry, we offer you some quick dinner ideas you can make in less than half an hour and have time to spend the rest of the e...
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Making Perfect Pizza Dough: A How To Guide

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What is the best time of the year for party? It is definitely summer. Driven by the hot weather and the positive summer vibes, we all enjoy a night spent at a pool or in the backyard of our home. The advantage about summer entertaining is that you can keep the menu simple, refreshing, using just a handful of ingredients. Whether it is a theme party or a simple get-together with friends, the follow...
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Guide To The Best Food Skin Care Masks

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Using ingredients for masks and scrubs is the best natural cure for your skin. It is the cheapest and easiest way to accomplishing glowing epidermis as well. Masks protect derma from sun damage and have anti-aging and anti-wrinkling as well as tightening effects. By hydrating and moisturizing it, provides a healthy and shiny look on your skin. We distinguished the best of the best face mask recipe...
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FridgeCheck visits Drupal Camp MK

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About a week back, Skopje had the honor to host its first Drupal Camp event. As a savy user of similar CMS platforms (e.g. WordPress, Jomla) this was the first time I had come across Drupal which in the end turned up great, as the event offered lecturers with great experience in development and technology who gave some crucial insight not only for dummy users like me but also programing practice f...
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"Robochef" Meets FridgeCheck, The Future Is Here

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Have you ever thought about what the future of cooking will look like? We are living in a very busy time where lots of obligations are waiting on us every day. If -you are a person that comes home late in the day; and you don’t have much time to prepare your favorite dish, I guess you will probably order fast food and eat in front of the TV. When coming home tired and hungry, sometimes we...
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Cute And Creative Easter Food For Kids

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Kids love holidays, and Easter is no exception. However, most parents have the same problem of feeding their kids healthy food, holidays or not. The beauty of holidays is that during this time, most of us actually love spending time in the kitchen making the food look gorgeous. This also includes making cute food for the kids. If you have the time and the desire to try, take a look at these creati...
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Easy And Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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It’s amazing how every year we simply must have differently decorated eggs, so we keep finding more and more innovative ways to do this. But not all of us can come up with amazing ideas of our own. So, we decided to look for the most amazing, creative and above all, easy egg decorating techniques that anyone can make. Take a look of what we picked out and you just might find something you&rs...
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The Best Toasts To Boost Your Energy Every Morning

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When it comes to good nutritional breakfasts, the most important thing is to go for natural, non-processed ingredients, because they provide you with most energy to start your day and even keep you full until lunch time. Not to mention that they are the healthiest. We have put together a list of ultra-healthy toasts that will give you what you need the most in the morning – a healthy, tasty ...
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Creative Food Art For Kids You Can Make Yourself

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Kids love junk food. It’s easy to feed them chips and candy. The everyday struggle of parents is making their kids eat healthy fruits and veggies. So they dip the fruits in chocolate and the veggies in cheese in hopes their kids would eat them. The more resourceful parents make food look like cartoon characters or tiny edible toys. But, most parents just aren’t that creative and ski...
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Top 5 Fruits That Can Help You To Stay In Good Shape

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Being healthy and in a good shape is very important. That’s a no brainer. The really good news is that to accomplish this, there’s actually no need for special diets, only proper nutrition. The bad news is that you need to start by cutting down on junk food. Ideally, forget that this whole magnificent part of culinary creation exists. Eating fruits is the key to success when it comes t...
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10 Foods Identical To Body Parts Which Are Actually Good For

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There are foods that resemble parts of the body and their similarities are not accidental. We distinguished 10 body parts resembling food which believe it or not are good for. By looking at these resemblances you will see that the statement "You are what you eat" is actually true.  1. Wine - Blood Red wine decreases the risk of cholesterol in your blood which causes heart...
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Unique Kitchen Tools To Make Your Cooking A Lot Easier And Fun

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Interesting and unusual gadgets not only compliment your kitchen and make it look good but let you play with your food as well. More particularly, they are useful and practical tools that allow you to put your minimal effort in the kitchen and assist you in the cooking. Take a look at these funny kitchen tools that will make your cooking fun and will save you a lot of time. Enjoy while playing che...
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Cherry Recipes To Celebrate The National Cherry Month

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Did you know or did you not? February is a National Cherry Month. Used as pain remedy in ancient times, to treat throat irritations, arthritis, chest pains and even labor pains only shows that cherries are highly nutritional. These small appetizers not only that are healthy but they are extremely appetizing as well. People usually use them for dessert but their taste is suitable for every mea...
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Lovely Food Decorating Ideas For Valentine's Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you must have already planned a romantic dinner for your partner. But even if you haven’t gotten to it yet, or if you still have no idea how to decorate your Valentine dinner, we can help you with some ideas for the ultimate romantic table setting and food decoration that will set the mood. All you need is a little bit of creativity to make ...
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Healthy Snack Ideas That Will Not Affect Your Waistline

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Have you noticed how most people have begun to associate the word “snacks” with a bad, unhealthy habit? Probably even you. Why is that? Well, because of what most people snack, I guess. Chocolate doughnuts, nachos with cheese, French fries, bacon dipped in just about anything… Got cravings yet? Well, stop right there. You know all too well - this delicious food is unhealthy a...
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Aphrodisiac Desserts To Spark Your Valentine's Dinner

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Chocolates, heart balloons and red roses are the hallmark of Valentine’s Day. If you are in a long lasting relationship and have a mutual understanding about your V-day preferences, you might not consider those gifts. But if you are in a new and exciting relationship, you do all of it. The romantic dinner, the big red bouquet, the chocolates and balloons...because you want to make this day r...
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The Proven Way To Make Your Sharpie Mug Design Stick

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You must have already seen the sharpie mug tutorials all over the internet. They are possibly one of the cutest DIY presents people will actually want to receive. They are definitely a great way to add personality to your own mug collection too. Did you already try making them, but it didn’t work? We’ve put together the proven tricks to make the perfect mugs with a durable design, even...
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How To Peel Boiled Eggs In Under 30 Seconds

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Cooking eggs seems to be considered a basic surviving skill in this world. The easiest too. However, peeling boiled eggs looks easy, but it can actually be hard to do it right. How many times have you peeled the shell along with half the egg? If we told you there’s a way to peel it perfectly every time and using only one hand, would you believe it? And that is just one of the ways you can...
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The Best Warm Cocktails You Must Try This Winter

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The cold, snowy nights call for hot drinks by a cozy fire in good company. Being cocktail lovers ourselves, we put together a collection of the best trendy warm cocktails for this winter. This list has a bit of everything – a couple of hot tea cocktails and hot coffee cocktails for the caffeine lovers, amazing hot choc recipes for the kid in all of us, hot milk cocktails, apple cider and har...
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How To Choose The Perfect Last Minute Xmas Gift

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So, you forgot somebody on your Xmas list. Or did you waited too long because you couldn’t find the perfect gift? We get it. Choosing the right gift can be tricky, but it’s not an impossible task. There are some general rules that you should follow that will help you choose the right gift every time. There are some difficult choices to make, especially if you are buying a gift for your...
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Top 15 Xmas Mood Boosters - The Ultimate Music Collection

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You can’t have Xmas without Xmas music. That’s just weird. This time of year, most of you begin to hum Xmas tunes when you shower, even when you take out the trash. Even though it may seem like a scene from a holiday movie from the 50’s, but Xmas is just no fun without all the singing. I don’t know about you guys, but once I have decorated my Xmas tree, I’ve offici...
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10 Super Foods That Will Boost Your Intelligence

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Books make you smarter, but food is intelligence booster and by reading the following article you can be both. You are what you eat, therefore eat smart, think smart! Get to know your brain’s best friends: Berries for happy cells Researchers have shown that Berries help to build healthy connections between brain cells. They reverse the aging of the brain and improve memory. Daily consu...
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How To Bake A Potato In The Microwave: Baked Potato Recipe

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If you want a yummy taste of a baked potato but you don’t have time or patience to cook it in the oven, try the easiest and the quickest way – try the microwave and you will have a fluffy and deliciously baked potato in 15 minutes. Learn how to bake a potato in the microwave by following our instructions. Listed below are all of the needed ingredients: 1 large potato 1 table...
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10 Amazing Christmas Centerpieces You Should Make

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Are you a fan of DIY projects? Today we have some amazing, easy to make, must-try Christmas centrepieces that will surely bring cheer to your Christmas table. All you need is just a little of your time and a touch of your creative hand. And the best part is they can all be made from things you probably already have in your house. If you were wondering what to do with your extra ornaments th...
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Amazing Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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Christmas holidays are about sharing love and joy with the important people in your life. And yes, they are about giving and getting some presents too. But most importantly, they are about bringing your loved ones together for a special meal. We can all agree that holiday menu plans are a huge part of the whole celebration. But what is just as important is the holiday atmosphere. There is nothing ...
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How To Cook A Turkey: The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

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Thanksgiving is a time of the year when you spend a wonderful time with your family count your blessings and companionship therefore you must invest a positive energy to the Thanksgiving dinner and let your enthusiasm revitalize everyone. Here we have the best ways of how to cook a turkey that will help you create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner. Needed Ingredients: Turkey (16 p) 2 cups of wa...
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