The Health Benefits of Pickle Juice

All of us enjoy eating pickles, but there is more in the jar than just the pickles themselves. Pickle juice is the more important counterpart that actually provides many health benefits of which no one is aware. No matter how repelling it sounds, once you become familiar with the advantages there won’t be any leftover juice. Here are the top health benefits of this magic drink:

1.      It relieves muscle cramps: The crucial ingredients that have the power to help relieving muscle cramps are the sodium and vinegar. Many athletes consume this magical drink after workout, due to the fact that it helps to rebuild electrolytes.

2.      It helps you stay hydrated: Speaking of exercising, pickle juice also helps to hydrate after hard exercising thanks to the sodium it contains. However, if you watch your sodium intake, make sure you ask for doctor’s advice before you take pickle juice.


3.      It is a PMS remedy: Pickle juice is a magical drink for many women who suffer from menstrual cramps. It has the power to hydrate the body, hence alleviating cramping.

4.      It cures hangover: Too much alcohol leaves our bodies dehydrated, which is the main cause for hangover. Once again, pickle juice has the power to replenish the reduced sodium level, thus helping to cure hangover.


5.      It helps control blood sugar level: A recent research showed that consuming a small amount of pickle juice before meal helps regulate blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, which is related to being obese and overweight.


6.      It contains antioxidants and nutrients: Having plenty of vitamins C and E, pickle juice protects your body from free radicals, i.e. damaging molecules. Moreover, it boosts your immune system thanks to these two key antioxidants.

Apart from all these, pickle juice also eases the absorption of all the antioxidants and nutrients due to its acidic content.


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