Sweet Potato - Perfect for Low-Fat Meal

We all know that for a healthy life, you need to eat healthy food. The sweet potato is definitely in this menu. It contains a lot of starch, low-fat and is good for children, athletes, and diabetics because it gives a lot of energy and is not fattening.

Sweet potatoes have a creamy texture and a sweet-spicy flavour that makes them ideal for salty dishes. There are two types of this root vegetable, one with bright orange flesh, the other with pale cream flesh.

Sweet potatoes are native to the tropical Americas and are sometimes referred to as 'yams' in the USA. These plants are wealthy in fibre, vitamins A, C and B6, and also they are an excellent source of carbohydrates. The orange-fleshed variety are also rich in beta-carotene.

Sweet potatoes can be prepared usually as a normal potato - baked, roasted or mashed, but they can also be added to risotto, pasta or curry.

 Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup

This soup is a little spicy, ideal for a dinner party, cheap to make and very tasty.

Moroccan Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash

For tomorrow's meal try to cook a sweet potato combined with chicken and take your palate on a vacation with this gorgeous, low-fat meal. 

Speedy Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut

Soups are healthy and delicious meal, packed full of goodness! There are so many different varieties you can try. Our suggestion is a sweet potato soup with coconut  that is ready in less than 20 minutes- quick, easy, and delicious.


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